Sunday, 28 October 2007


A week in Cyprus, with good friends, good food, and sunshine. Just what I needed to restore myself before heading back into the dismal English weather. The clocks have gone back now so winter is well and truly on the way.

We spent time in beautiful cobbled villages, where old women sit and crochet in the streets, and pomegranate trees drop their ripe fruit in alleyways - a very different kind of windfall to the wormy apples we get at home.
And don't think for a moment that I neglected my Crafting 365 challenge while on holiday. Although it is a little peculiar to sit by a swimming pool in the hot sun and knit bobble hats.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Five weeks of crafting

Lupin sent me an invitation to join a new flikr group recently, with the challenge to do a little bit of crafting, and document it, every day for a year - Crafting 365. This is the result of the first five weeks. Not quite one photo per day, but then how many pictures of the same crochet blanket can you take?

Five weeks down, only 47 to go!

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Do try this at home!

Crafting for the whole family today (well - the girls, anyway). Shrinky plastic, some coloured pencils, and some pins. Not to mention this fantastic tutorial.

The squeals of delight got louder and louder as the plastic shrunk smaller and smaller. And you should have heard the kids!