Tuesday, 4 December 2007

And a little bit more...

After my last post, I thought I would show you the progress on the mother of all ripple blankets. I have been working on this since May (admittedly on a slightly sporadic basis) and I am now 23 stripes from finishing. Each one takes about one and a half hours, so I make that a good 34 hours or so of solid crochet time. Then there is the sewing in of ends. Thanks to some
sage advice I received a while ago (on the no-end-in-sight ripple along) to crochet over the ends as I go, I only have about 50 loose bits of yarn to darn in. I wish I had asked sooner!

It is a lovely thing to work on - so satisfyingly heavy to sit under on winter evenings, and easy to pick up in the few unscheduled moments. It's not really portable any more though, so I can't work on it while out and about. Maybe I should get into sock knitting or something - that has to be the ultimate in take-it-with-you crafting.