Sunday, 27 May 2007

Avoiding the issue

I have formed a bit of a craft book habit lately. Books have always been an addiction of mine, in one form or another, and when they have the added attraction of offering the possibility of beautiful things to be made I am undone. I discovered the wonderful world of Japanese craft books recently, in particular this one, which has the most delicious photographs of incredibly lovely baby stuff - quilts, bibs, shoes and so on. I couldn't resist making this quilt, mostly with fabrics left over from other projects, but also using some wonderful silk-like Liberty cotton lawn.

It was so enjoyable and quick to make, I think that it will become my standard new baby gift. Now I just need to persuade my friends to have more babies.

Of course I had to photograph it on the lawn - I love a good pun.

And, by the way, this was not even on my to-do list. A little procrastination anyone?


mvstudio1 said...

This is just beautiful! I would love to try to make one for my friend's baby. How big did you make it? And does that tie, or just wrap around the button?

charlotte narunsky said...

Hi there! Thanks for your comment (pretty much my first one - I will try to contain my excitement!). The quilt is about 75cm by 60cm, so good to tuck in around a car seat/pram. The cord is a crochet chain in cotton yarn that just wraps around the button. It only took about 2 hours to make so was really quick and easy.