Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Spring is back

So the husband is going away for a few days and I am so excited. Not that he is going away, simply that I can get all my sewing stuff out and leave it all over the house until saturday when I will have a frantic last minute tidy up. It is so lovely to have the space and time to play with fabrics and designs without having to be the wife. It doesn't happen that often, which is probably what keeps it a joy. It means that I can hopefully get some of these objects out of my head and into the real world, leaving just a little bit more space for being married.

In the garden today, finally. The weather is perfect. Golden boy crawled all over the lawn like he had never seen anything so amazing in his life, and now has grass stains all over his chubby little knees.

The middle one went exploring:

and found some lovely spring flowers:

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