Monday, 11 June 2007


The Etsy UK street team have been having a secret swap recently, organised by the wonderful Askey. According to her instructions I sent a set of tiny felt flower brooches to Tiny Island, and waited with bated breath!

We all knew who to send our parcel to but not who we would receive from, and after days of stalking my postman (just like waiting for exam results) a parcel arrived. It was from Nonsuch, who makes amazing things out of reclaimed and vintage textiles.

As a child I always hated surprises, and would do anything I could to avoid them. I could never keep a secret of any kind, and always told my sisters what they were getting for their birthdays. Life becomes more predictable as you grow up, and the opportunity for genuine wonder is a rare thing. I was surprised not only by the secret swap, but also the fact that I no longer hate surprises. Thanks so much.


Bunny said...

Oh, that's so lovely that you don't hate surprises anymore!
Wow! What a great thing!
That blue flower is so beautiful!

Askey said...

Yay! so glad you enjoyed the swap, I certainly did! :D