Monday, 20 August 2007

Who needs sleep?

What a fantastic weekend! 48 hours dedicated to all things craft, with no small children to interrupt proceedings. The Etsy UK retreat in York, hosted by the extremely generous Tinyisland, was a little bit of heaven.

Hand bound notebook - a present for number one

There was so much to do: screenprinting, machine embroidery, eating flapjacks, felting, bookbinding, drinking cider, painting, ceramic sculpture, eating chocolate, chatting, hand casting, rummaging through well stocked supplies cupboards....

Machine embroidered and beaded needle felt seascape

I need a rest now. Not to mention some fruit and vegetables.


mother said...

The female parent has just plucked up courage to look at Charlotte's blog (she'll no doubt be proud of my computing skills!). Yes, Charlotte makes amazing things beautifully and I am very proud of - if not a little envious of - her skills. Re: her profile - SHE SHOULD BE USING HER BRAIN. Your loving mother

gilfling said...

Charlotte!!! Oh it was so great to meet you over the weekend. I, too am a little sad it is over - it went far too quickly. I love that little notebook - I hope your daughters were most appreciative!

Gill xxx

alabamawhirly said...

The treat looks amazing and I love your brief synopsis ; )

Lostcheerio said...

Wow, EXCELLENT collection of goodies on Etsy. I came in for the blue fabric flower broach with the yoyo and felted back and just adored the sock mouse. However, what really killed me was the Cinderella coach. AMAZING. Loved it. Really. *applause*


I have enjoyed your kindness and am passing on the Nice Matters award on to you.

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- Teresa