Friday, 1 February 2008

The promise of snow

I don't think that I can take my childrens' squealing excitement for much longer. The snow has been moving south down the country for the last 24 hours, getting closer and closer. The "when will it snow?" question has been getting more and more insistent.

I'm not ready to disappoint them with the knowledge that snow rarely comes to London. They are too young to have really noticed this for themselves, and televisiual representations of England in winter are all about the snow. And robins of course, always the robins. I might as well tell them that the tooth fairy doesn't really exist; it would shake them to the core.

I guess leaden skies and cold winds don't make such pretty images, although they are much more attractive when rendered in felt (if I ever get it finished).

1 comment:

Melanie said...

Hia we had lots of hail storms here in the North West of the UK not exactly little people friendly. Did you get snow in the end?

I love your felt picture. My daughter gave me a broken pearl bracelet to craft with- aren't they so pretty. They ended up on a Valentine wreath looking like droplets of dew.