Sunday, 13 April 2008

Where does the time go?

Number One was eight this week. I can't quite believe it - looking back it feels like 10 minutes since she was born. Apart from my grey hairs and wrinkles that is.

We took some friends to the cinema and then came home for a party tea (complete with cake she had decorated herself - where does she get that from I wonder!). The weather was perfect - just 4 days after the garden had been under 3 inches of snow they all ate ice cream outside.

Happy birthday my love.


Helen said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Cute hairstyling in that pic, and I love that dress too - I've seen one like it in H&M that I was going to buy for my little girl.
What's all this about grey hairs and wrinkles? It's all in your imagination, young lady! x

charlotte narunsky said...

You are quite right - it is from H&M!
Well spotted!

Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Glad she had a wonderful birthday and the snow cleared up in time.

karen said...

Charlotte, lovely to meet up with and you and your hubby. Your craft is bright, beautiful and abso-lutely fab. Will definitely have to order something for my cousin who adores roses as she has volunteered to handmake each and every one of my wedding invites!!