Friday, 27 June 2008

I'm sorry, but I just can't

I've tried, goodness knows I've tried. This isn't my first attempt. Those who know me from last year's Etsy retreat will have seen it all before. I just can't. mix. colours. Randomness makes me anxious; I can't relax without harmony - it is all just too distressing.

I got all the way through one set of colours (17 stripes!) with an increasing sense of the wrongness of it all, and then I had to rip it all out. There was nothing else I could do. The idea of spending the best part of a year (judging by my previous ripple marathon) making something that I just couldn't stand the sight of was too much for me. It had to go. The middle one helped with the frogging - she really loved seeing how the stitches came apart: "it's like magic Mummy!".
Then, I put the colours in a more harmonious order, and I have to agree - it is like magic!


oldbagcrafts said...

I could look at your blog all day! And I like both colour placements :D

Jennifer Rose said...

Personal preference when making a blanket with a pattern like that is to have the colours laid out like a rainbow. And use the brightest colours possible :D (of course than it usually is too bright for anyone but me, but I'm all right with that :P)

SallyF said...

now you know you should always start like that, it *is* the right way to do it : )

but also isn't pulling it all back soooo satisfying (is it wrong that I enjoy tearing my crochet apart?)

joanie said...

Really beautiful! Just found you through Flickr UK. Lovely blog and lovely craft.