Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Everyone needs co-ordinated shoes

I thought it was quite important that the baby have a pair of bitty booties to match the blanket. You're never too young to learn about accessorising.


AJ said...

I saw your baby ripple on the NEIS Ripple Along and just wanted to say it's beautiful. I love the coordinating baby booties. Are they made of felt?

charlotte narunsky said...

Yes, they are made of felt, and even though I had to buy horrible acrylic stuff to get the right colour it doesn't seem to matter in such small pieces (normally I am a natural fibre freak!). Thanks for your comments!

nutnoh said...

These are just darling. I too wanted to make a pair to go with the stroller blanket that I made for an expectant friend, but I had no time!

Beautiful work.