Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Finished the baby ripple

I have finished rippling the all-wool baby blanket. The only problem was sewing in the enormous number of ends that you get when you change colour every two rows. And now I have to block it. I love blocking - it is like magic. You start with something a bit like a balloon that has been deflated - baggy, shapeless and disappointing, and you end up with the yarn equivalent of a fantastic multi-lobed helium-filled wonder that has every four year old girl in the neighbourhood saying 'mummy mummy mummy pleeeeaaaasssse can I have one!!!!'

Then I have to give it away. I know that was the whole point of making it, but I feel a little sad. Sending my baby off into the world - will they take proper care of it? Will they dry it flat? Will they wash it on a gentle cycle? I really must learn to let go.

I must thank all the lovely ladies over at the no-end-in-sight ripple-along for giving me such great advice on gender neutral colour choices. Of course, I ended up using my current favourite blues, greens and purples, but I can't seem to help it. When I get into the shop they just call to me. It would be rude not to listen. Also invaluable was this great random stripe generator. I guess you could say this was a community project!

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stacy said...

Hi. i am making a baby blanket as a favor for my aunt and she is giving it as a gift. she really loves the pattern you used, and i can not seem to find one like it anywhere. i was wondering if you can share it with more or atleast tell me where you go it.
thanks a lot.
please email me